As a business owner, you know having a sufficient amount of working capital is vital to your company’s success. It will come in quite handy should you experience a slow sales period or need to increase your inventory. Many business owners like you are facing numerous challenges, and need to be cost-conscious when it comes to business spending. So, when it comes time to select a finance company, you want to make sure you choose one that offers competitive financial fees, and understands your unique business equipment needs and market.


A financing package is a very powerful sales tool.

  • It gives customers affordable financing options.
  • Financing emphasizes value, not price.
  • Rather than negotiating on price, you can sell equipment based on the affordability of a monthly payment.
  • Financing affords customers financial flexibility.
  • Financing conserves working capital.
  • Financing improves cash flow.
  • Customers have more buying power.

Our Philosophy


Inspired TEC is passionate about selling Air/Surface Purification Technology and we are equally passionate about assisting you in becoming more of who you are.

We have been steadfast in our commitment to our sales staff, reps, distributors, and distributor reps as an inspirational source of new ideas, and professional skills updates.

"Relationship Sales" is a magical phenomenon. We aspire, moment-to-moment, to build “WIN-WIN” relationships.  We use and promote the philosophy of Relationship Sales.  When implemented, customer/salesperson relationships deepen and sales opportunities flourish.

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