What do you do over 23,000 times per day?

You breathe.


PCO “Flocculates” inert particles most of which are positively charged by sending out negatively charged ions.  These ions attract the oppositely charged particles, which causes them to clump, gain mass and fall from the breathing space.

molecular dissociATION

Through “Molecular dissociation” VOC’s & Odor molecules are broken apart at the molecular level, forming sub molecules which are also broken apart until this cascading effect leads to the most basic elements of harmless CO2 & water vapor.

cluster IONS

PCO produces “Cluster ions” which actively seek out bacteria and viruses and attach themselves. This punctures their membrane and allows the hydrogen to be sucked out. Because hydrogen is their lifeline  they are rendered inactive.

Inspired TEC


Photocatalytic Oxidation is the newest generation of Proactive Air & Surface Purification. It combats  pathogens in the following three ways:

We want to believe

that our indoor air is clean and healthy…. However…facts reveal that indoor air pollution is the #1 environmental health concern.

The EPA reports that air inside our buildings is five times more polluted than the air outside and causes 50% of all illnesses. This is an alarming reality since we spend 90% of our time indoors!

Our video library demonstrates multiple uses for PCO technology in some of our newest venues.


percentage of illnesses caused by polluted air

number of Dust mites found in one ounce of dust


Percentage of time average person spends indoors

number of gallons of air you breath every day

Our Philosophy


Inspired TEC is passionate about selling Air/Surface Purification Technology and we are equally passionate about assisting you in becoming more of who you are.

We have been steadfast in our commitment to our sales staff, reps, distributors, and distributor reps as an inspirational source of new ideas, and professional skills updates.

"Relationship Sales" is a magical phenomenon. We aspire, moment-to-moment, to build “WIN-WIN” relationships.  We use and promote the philosophy of Relationship Sales.  When implemented, customer/salesperson relationships deepen and sales opportunities flourish.

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