What do you do over 23,000 times per day?

You breath.

Wouldn't it be nice to know that the air you are breathing is clean?

We Want to Believe

that our indoor air is clean and healthy. However, facts reveal that indoor air pollution is the #1 environmental health concern. The EPA reports that air inside our buildings is five times more polluted than the air outside and causes 50% of all illnesses. This is an alarming reality since we spend 90% of our time indoors. In a post-Covid world, attention to the purity of the air and surfaces in your facility is vital. You care too much about your patrons and employees to leave this to chance.


percentage of illnesses caused by polluted air

number of Dust mites found in one ounce of dust


Percentage of time average person spends indoors

number of gallons of air you breath every day

Inspired TEC




Our holistic approach purifies both air AND surfaces in your facility. Our Mission and Passion is to introduce the power of transformative Advanced ACTIVE Ionization AAI™ Technology to create safer more productive and uplifting indoor environments.

Inspired TEC has been at the forefront of active purification technology for over a decade developing and implementing the most advanced and effective active purification technology in the market.

At Inspired TEC we combine AAI™ Technology with state of the art IAQ monitoring creating the most synergistic ecosystem of purification and verification ever devised.


The keyword here is “ACTIVE”. 95% of the units on the Internet are PASSIVE, that is, the air in a room must pass through a box or device to be purified. This does nothing to purify SURFACES.

Inspired TEC’s AAI – Advanced ACTIVE Ionization is the most advanced active purification technology available Building off the fundamentals of Photocatalytic Oxidation, AAI™ Technology has been adapted 6 times over a decade to its current refined state. It brilliantly recreates mother nature’s oxidizing power for the indoor environment free of chemicals and safe for occupied areas.

Inspired TEC’s AAI™ includes the production of bipolar ionization, plasma, low level hydrogen peroxide, superoxide ions, hydrogen peroxide ions and other types of oxidizing molecules all of which work to actively reduce pathogens in air and on surfaces


We provide third party lab verification as well as diagnostic equipment that verifies for you the quality of your air and surfaces after installing equipment.

Unlike Bi- Polar Ionization & Needle point products, Inspired TEC can document the efficacy of our AAI™ on surfaces with PRE & POST swab verification with a third- party lab. Also, YOU can prove efficacy of purifying AIR with your own Awair diagnostics equipment.

Dr. Charles P. Gerba

Charles Gerba is a professor of virology in the Dept of Environmental Science. He has authored over 500 journal articles, books and has been featured on numerous television programs and magazines. Dr. Gerba has an international reputation for his methodologies for pathogen detection in water and food, pathogen occurrence in households, and risk assessment.

Let’s Get Started

Step One

Get Your Equipment

Provide Rep with HVAC

drawings along with dimensions and air handler sizes so Inspired TEC, at no cost, can provide a quotation of what is needed for the most cost-effective installation!

Step Two

Let Our Equipment Purify Your Air & Surfaces

How Does It Work?

AAI “Flocculates” inert particles most of which are positively charged by sending out negatively charged ions.  These ions attract the oppositely charged particles, which causes them to clump, gain mass and fall from the breathing space.

molecular dissociATION

Through “Molecular dissociation” VOC’s & Odor molecules are broken apart at the molecular level, forming sub molecules which are also broken apart until this cascading effect leads to the most basic elements of harmless CO2 & water vapor.

cluster IONS

AAI produces “Cluster ions” which actively seek out bacteria and viruses and attach themselves. This punctures their membrane and allows the hydrogen to be sucked out. Because hydrogen is their lifeline  they are rendered inactive.

Step Three

Monitor Results

Watch This Videos To See How to Swab Test

2021 Testing Results

From An Independent Third Party 

Breath Freely!

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Inspired TEC Has Joined the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) Membership Program as a Cornerstone Member

We are aligning ourselves with like-minded companies from across the globe who are committed to enhancing buildings and communities to help people thrive. Meaningful change can happen only when we stand united, align our passions and work together towards global transformation. We are excited to convene with like-minded companies and organizations of the IWBI membership program who are actively supporting the movement towards advancing human health in buildings and communities around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did we miss anything? If so, please reach out. Knowledge is power!


What type of facility would benefit form this technology?

Any facility that wanted to provide a healthy environment for employees, residents or visitors. Since IAQ, Indoor Air quality causes 90% of illnesses and we have sealed up our buildings it is imperative that we purify the AIR and SURFACES with AAI.

How do we know if we should use the HVAC units or STAT Portable units?

It primarily depends on weather or not the area is serviced by an HVAC system. Many Nursing home rooms and Hotels have window units or PTAC units. In those areas we would use the STAT unit which has a low profile 8”x !0”x 2” and is mounted on wall about a foot from ceiling and on the opposite side of room from return duct. If area is serviced by HVAC then the HVAC units would be the product of choice as long as the HVAC fans are running 24/7. I’m told by HVAC people that the cost of starting up and shutting down is more then running fan continuously. But if HVAC system is shut down each day then you would install STAT units.

Is there regular maintenance on the units?

Units are virtually maintenance free. The HVAC unit requires cell to be replace every two years at a cost much less then HEPA filters. The STAT unit also needs to have cell replaced every two years and filters vacuumed of periodically depending on environment. Filters are washable if needed.

Explain how testing and monitoring work?

Looking at next slides you will see two types of verification. Please require that anyone wanting to sell you air purification will provide third party lab verification as well as diagnostic equipment that verifies for you the quality of your air and surfaces after installing equipment.

Can Cares ACT pay for this technology?

See details by clicking on www.inspiredtecllc.com and viewing Cares Act.

How does Inspired TEC treat ICE Machines in Hotels, Hospitals and Nursing Homes?

Several independent studies have verified that 70% of ICE machines are not cleaned as frequently as they should be and are contaminated. Most ICE machine manufacturers suggest a minimum of 4 times per year. Even then routine cleaning often does not remove biofilms which can embed listeria and other pathogens. The CLEAR unit is the product that your customer should install with one tube going to ICE bin and the other going down the drain tube. There are many brands and models of ICE Machines. Your rep would need to e-mail Inspired TEC with the BRAND and MODEL number of your ICE machine and Phil would send back a simple drawing showing your maintenance person where to drill holes and install tubes. Your CLEAR unit cost is normally recovered in less than one year with reduce maintenance time in cleaning and servicing ICE machine.


What is warranty on these units?

Two Years parts and labor.

Is Inspired TEC’s AAI effective against COVID-19

Inspired TEC’s Advance Active Ionization is effective against Coronavirus. To be clear, no tests have yet been conducted specifically with COVID 19, but tests using a scientifically acceptable surrogate called FCV have been successfully conducted. The Feline Calicivirus is in the genus Vesivirus and is very similar to Norovirus, SARS and COVID-19 both in structure and membrane. The US EPA provides guidance on claims based on surrogacy. Inspired TEC is currently arranging to test COVID 19 with Dr. Gerba in a mock-up of an actual hospital room and expect those results in May.

Why this solution versus HEPA?

This is a classic comparison of ACTIVE vs PASSIVE. As stated earlier Inspired TEC’s AAI sends out ACTIVE cluster ions composed of a soup of oxidizers both short live oxidizers and longterm oxidizers like hydrogen peroxide, the world’s safest disinfectant. AAI is purifying the AIR and SURFACES.

HEPA is a PASSIVE system that requires contaminated air to pass through filter where it entraps larger particles in the .3 particle size.

These HEPA filters do a good job of trapping larger particles but not the smaller particles which cause 90% of illnesses. HEPA filters are costly to replace and require additional labor to replace. HEPA does nothing to purify surfaces and only part of the AIR.

How do we move forward and get units in place?

First determine with rep the dimensions of space to be treated.

If you want to prove technology you can pick a smaller area purchase just a couple of units to test. Odor removal will be obvious. If potential warrants (Minimum 5K) Inspired TEC will provide at no cost swabs to do PRE & POST third party test to verify reduction in colony forming units.

Provide rep with HVAC drawings along with dimensions and air handler sizes so Inspired TEC at no cost can provide quotation of what is needed for most cost effective installation!

Enjoy Pathogen free, Odor free, healthy indoor air quality. Give employees, students and residents a safe environment with purified Air and Surfaces!

A breath of fresh air is a great thing to take, and an even better thing to be.

Our Philosophy


Inspired TEC LLC provides the tools and expertise you need to become an agent of change for public health. Creating a true culture of health involves taking an inclusive and holistic approach that enables every person to share the wellness experience. Our technology delivers ACTIVE and HOLISTIC solutions for air and surface purification. 

Healthy environments are not a snapshot in time, but an ongoing commitment to performance and transparency. Inspired TEC LLC will enable you to monitor and adapt to evolving conditions to ensure that your patrons and employees will feel safe and valued in your facility.

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